My Broke Halloween

Happy Halloween, my fellow broke people!

Sometimes, when funds are low, you need to take a more DIY approach to your All Hallows Eve garb!  These ladies have some pretty awesome ideas for those of us who are tired of paying top dollar for cheaply made “sexy” costumes that never seem to actually look sexy on anyone (a sexy watermelon?  Seriously?).

I took costume inspiration from this lady for my Halloween parties!

It’s none other than Little Edie Beale, star of the 1975 documentary, Grey Gardens!

All it took was, a couple of sweaters (one for my head and one for a skirt), a little black dress, a white slip, a gold brooch, fishnets, a pair of heels, and some red lipstick…all things I already had on hand!

Huzzah for this year’s Halloween costume being a freebie!  🙂

Bruce Campbell thinks it’s pretty swell, too!

Here’s a few more fun pics:

More DIY awesomeness! 🙂
Hey, Clark! 🙂


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