Hermiting in Style

When you’re broke, you don’t always get to go out on the town as much as you’d like (as in every night).  But what can you do to make staying in not suck?

A Google Image Search of the word “Hermit” will give you a page flooded with this:

hermit1 hermit hermit2 hermit3

It doesn’t have to be that way, my friends!

As my friends and followers of my other blog know, I have a very active social life.  I love being out and about!  I dig meeting new people and chatting it up with my pals over (many) cocktails.

See? I heart fancy booze too!

As the weather gets colder, my desire to socialize is frequently overruled by my desire to stay in.  Night.  After Night.  After Night.  At first I was ashamed.  Am I becoming a social leper?  But then I realized:  from a broke standpoint, this is probably the best way to save money.  If you think hermiting is a nasty hang, you’re doing it wrong.

I’m just adding this pic to maintain your interest. Is it working?

How can one stay in and be just as content as you would be going out?


Hermiting in Style!!!!

Here’s how:

1.  Clean up your nasty home, loser.  Seriously.  If you’re going to be stuck at home, why not make it a little less gross?    Wash those moldy dishes!  Toss out that mountain of junk mail!  Sweep up those tumbleweeds of cat hair!

You will never be comfy here.

You might be amazed at how much more welcoming your home will be to you when it’s not disgusting.

2.  Set the mood.  I recently went to a new bar where the owner asked me what I liked the most.  My answer?  “The ambiance.”  He told me this is what most people pointed out first.  You don’t have to go out for ambiance.  Don’t you deserve the same pleasant atmosphere at home that you expect in your fave neighborhood tavern?

When you’re done hermiting, check out The Kraken Gastropub.

The first thing I do when I get home from work is light some candles, burn some incense and pour my hardworking self a glass of wine.   Ahhhhhh….

Come on in.  Just kidding.  I'm hermiting.  Get the hell out of my home.
Come on in. Just kidding. I’m hermiting. Get the hell out of my home.

Ambiance isn’t expensive either.  Go to the Dollar Tree and pick up some scented candles (or you can be like me and use the leftover tealights from your sister’s wedding back in 2010), then head to Aldi and pick up a $3 bottle of Winking Owl.

This owl’s winking at you, kid! 😉

Some may even enjoy the comforting blaze of a warm fire.

Available on Netflix Streaming
Available on Netflix Streaming

Done.   Ambiance achieved.

3.  Don’t look like a bum while hermiting.  This isn’t to say, don’t be comfy, but if you look like a slob while bumming around the house, you’re probably gonna feel like one.

Don’t dress like this. Not even at home.

Turn those bleach-stained & holey sweats into cleaning cloths (see #1), and try wearing some silky pjs instead.  Or, you can look like a lazy soccer mom in my favorite invention of the last decade:

I’ve worn these to work before. No lie.

4.  Keep Busy.  Catch up on your reading.  Watch that series on Netflix you’ve been meaning to catch up on.  Paint that hallway.  Work on that novel.  The more cool, interesting projects you’re working on, the more cool, interesting conversations you’ll be able to have when you can actually afford to go out again.

You could even take up knitting.

Keeping busy will also keep those pangs of loneliness as your friends have fun without you at bay.  Or, if you’re really, emphatically, skull-thumpingly, pathetically bored, you could always write a blog.


Natalie Dee is my spirit animal.