Champagne Tuesdays @ Cellar on Greene!

I definitely have champagne tastes.  Sadly, I’m also quite definitely on a beer bottle budget.  :/

Luckily, Cellar on Greene has my back with their awesome Champagne Tuesdays!

Basically, for the cost of this…

Not that there’s anything wrong with Yuengling, mind you!

…I can sip on a tasty half-priced glass of this!

Mmmmnnn! NOW we’re talkin!

With tasty sparkling wines from $3.50 a glass, I offer you Champagne Wishes (sans Caviar Dreams)!



One thought on “Champagne Tuesdays @ Cellar on Greene!”

  1. This blog is fantastic! I absolutely LOVE your refashionista one! I am a poor, broke, college student in North Carolina who loves anything diy, frugal and classy! PLEASE keep posting! This blog is such a great idea! You are such an inspiration, that even when you can afford the finer things in life, you don’t have to miss out. I know that once I graduate I will still be broke for a while. This is a way to embrace that without saying “Hey, I’m broke!”. THANK YOU for creating this and your other blog! You are truly an awesome person!


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