My Broke Weekend

If you’re going to be broke (haha! as if you chose this life), Columbia is a great place for it!  There’s all sorts of fun/cheap/free things to do on the weekends.  I’m saving my cash for a new laptop (the screen on mine is about to go buh bye), so I really couldn’t afford to be spendy this weekend.

Luckily…I didn’t have to be!  🙂

I woke up Saturday just in time to head out the door for my favorite afternoon activity…tasting lots of wonderful wine!

But wait...there's MORE!
But wait…there’s MORE!

Where is this magical place, you ask?  Cellar on Greene!  By day, it’s a wine shop;  By night, it’s a restaurant/wine bar.  Any time of day, it’s one of my favorite places to be!  🙂

Every other Saturday afternoon from 12:00-2:00, they host a giant wine tasting. You can try 30 or so different wines from all over the world for $5.  The charge is waived if you buy 2 bottles…and trust me, you’ll want to leave with at least two.  The good news is, a lot of the featured bottles are fairly inexpensive, with some priced at a mere $9.

Meet Kaitlin, the Manager/Wine Snob!  :)
Meet Kaitlin, the lovely Manager/Wine Snob! 🙂

The staff is super-knowledgeable and is more than happy to help you pick out your new fave vino!

...anyone can use a little help with a list this long!  :)
Anyone can use a little help with a list this long! 🙂
Wine Buddies!
Wine Buddies!

After getting my early afternoon drink on, I mosied on over to Drip Coffee to finish my review of Boeing Boeing for Jasper Magazine.   This is one of my favorite places to hang out and blog/write.  🙂

Ahhhh...the life of a theatre critic!
Ahhhh…the life of a theatre critic!

Looooook at the delicious beverage I happily consumed.  LOOK AT IT!  🙂

Nonfat Vanilla Latte of the Gods!
Nonfat Vanilla Latte of the Gods!

With my review written and my editor pleased, I had to hurry up and get ready for my monthly Supper Club.

Here’s the dealio:   Once a month, my closest group of friends gets together at someone’s house (it rotates every month).  The host/s get to choose whatever theme they want, and everyone has to cook a dish that goes with said theme.  The weirdest ones to date are:  Must have the letter Q in the name, Squares, and Fancy Sandwiches.  🙂

This month’s theme was Vegetarian (in honor of our herbivore out-of-town guests!).

DSC_0392 DSC_0348 DSC_0321 DSC_0298 DSC_0305 DSC_0296 DSC_0283 DSC_0269 DSC_0279 DSC_0268 DSC_0260

There’s a lot to love about this arrangement.  Once a month, we’re all guaranteed a MASSIVE delicious meal, and all we have to do is make one dish/bring our own booze.  This is waaaay cheaper/more fun than going to a restaurant!  🙂

Sunday was lovely and laid-back with an afternoon visit to USC’s Horseshoe.  A puppy play date with pals was in order!  🙂

DSC_0416 DSC_0412 DSC_0410 DSC_0407

The University of South Carolina campus is really pretty.  Since I’m now majorly in debt from the education I received there, I feel totally free to loiter at will.  🙂  A completely free fun afternoon?  Yes please!  🙂



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