Rich Lady Bloggers Can Bite Me on the Ear

No wonder I’m broke!  I clearly lack the initiative and determination to follow through when I start a new blog!  What does this say about other areas of my life?  Hmmmmnnnn…

Anywho.  Hi.  Have you missed me?  I kind of hope so.  It’s good to missed/wanted!

Now…for a random rant!

The other day, I came home from a long day of work after driving my car with no A/C for my 30 minute commute in the 105 degree heat.  It’s not that I don’t want A/C or don’t use it.  My mechanic cannot find a new blower motor for my car.  They don’t make them anymore, and unless I can find a 1986 Sirocco which is the only other car to have this particular part other than my super-rare boutique edition Cabriolet, I’m stuck with my portable sauna.  :/

Hey guy!  I'll do lewd things to you for that blower motor you've got there (not a euphemism).
Hey guy! I really dig that blower motor you’ve got there (not a euphemism)!

I fired up my laptop to check out the facebook news of the day, and saw something in my feed that made me deeply angry for no reason.

A rich lady blogger that I must have clicked “like” upon at some point had posted something like, “Ahhhhh!  Housewife Sangria on the new porch!” with a pic that looked something like this.

(only hers was instagrammmed)
(only hers was instagrammmed)

“Bite me, Lady.” I said.  “Bite me!” I said again, this time with a deep seething resentment.  And in that moment, I realized something:  I hate rich lady bloggers.

Go eat bags of rancid cat testicles, you beautiful bitch.
Go eat bags of rancid cat testicles, you beautiful bitch.

I hate that all they write about is the expensive stuff they’re able to afford with their husband’s money.  I hate that they’ve managed to marry well, while I only manage to break off ill-conceived engagements.  I hate that their skincare regime costs more to maintain than the military of a small country.  I hate that their rearview mirror didn’t fall off that day, smacking them on the forehead in the process. I hate that they get to have fancy dinners all the time while I…uh…er…okay I actually do splurge on food and booze so I can’t complain here.  I hate that they can afford to have logos made for their blogs, while I’ve been using this pic for the last three years:

It's actually pretty awesome.
It’s actually pretty awesome.

So…while they’re feeling like this:

I can buy all the things!!!!
I can buy ALL THE THINGS!!!!

I’m feeling like this:

I have to budget for the Target brand version of Oil of Olay.

When that lady wrote about coming home from a day of shopping (which I don’t even enjoy) to chill on the porch of her fabulous new house, it felt like a slap on the face.  I can’t even sit on my rental’s porch without random drifters coming by and asking for money.  :/

Okay!  I'll give you a dollar!  But just this once!
Okay! I’ll give you a dollar! But just this once!

But why was I upset?  She’s just doing her thing…not hurting anyone.  I even know her, and it’s not like I dislike her as a person.  She’s actually really nice.

I could only come up with one conclusion, and it’s pretty damn embarrassing.  I was jealous.  ME!  Jealous!  And that made me feel like an idiot.  I have an awesome life with awesome friends and I probably have more fun than most people (and yes…even her).

Thanks to Amanda Danielson for the pic!
Photo evidence of fun!

Begrudging someone else of their success is just tacky.  Calling someone else overprivileged smacks of a lack of drive and personal responsibility on your part.  I know this.

So…I took a moment…muddled some mint from my garden with a lime, and added in a few fresh strawberries, some rum, and soda water…

Actual pic of my Actual Mojito!
Actual pic of my Actual Mojito!

…and clicked “unlike” until I can evolve to be less of a jerk.


26 thoughts on “Rich Lady Bloggers Can Bite Me on the Ear”

  1. It happens. I get in those bitter/resentful places sometimes. So I take more pictures of wine and keep trucking, lol.

    It IS and AWESOME picture. And seriously? Gimp is the poor girl’s photoshop. I love it 🙂

  2. Meh…I would venture to guess that although they have money, don’t have to work, and live a life of leisure (i.e. sangria siesta after a long day of shopping- pppfffttt!) they aren’t half as happy as you always seem to be. Even after getting knocked in the forehead with the rearview mirror – you are still a happy gal from what I can tell! Go on with your happy self! PS-hope you find that part for your car’s AC

  3. This post made me chuckle. We don’t have a/c in our car either (fixing it would cost way more than our car is worth, so we are saving for a new(er) car) and we live in Phoenix. and rich lady bloggers used to really really bug me, because, who doesn’t want to have oodles of money to do whatever they want with? BUT I find that blogs are like friends, and you choose the ones you want to spend time with. And I would much rather spend time reading blogs like yours.

  4. Ohmygoodness, so true. Don’t beat yourself up for being hateful because I am right there with you. I think the key is to cultivate an attitude of gratitude for what you do have. At least that’s what I do. Always something to be thankful for….always. Carry on.

  5. Ha! Thanks for the responses. It’s easy to get lame and jealous-y after a cruddy day/week/whatevs, isn’t it? I like what Melinda Ann said about cultivating a an attitude of gratitude and be thankful for what you have. Because being envious of others just makes you look like me in the scrunched-up face pic, and that’s not attractive. 🙂

  6. I’ve drank the haterade and been bit by the green eyed monster at times, too. Like when Refashionista was on Rachel Ray, but I realized this is a good thing! I wish her the best, then I moved on to other projects. Can’t spend time worrying about what someone has that you don’t. It’s better to spend time on what you do have like the mojito you posted in the pic. 🙂

  7. I feel the same way–and not just towards rich bloggers, but towards friends who happen to be wherever in the country, living lives I wish I had, because their parents’ paid their tuition and they don’t have debt. Or they have much less. And a 35k/year job can pay all their bills and then some while I’m living paycheck to paycheck… oof. Don’t even get me started.

    I love your blog–the Refashionista one in particular–and I am surprised you aren’t making money off it yet. I’d google ways to become profitable, even if it’s just making a few bucks off ad revenue, though you do seem to have ads… Maybe try Blogher or something? If nothing else maybe you’ll get a few more bucks for your amazing refashion-ing!

  8. Don’t feel bad! And jealousy is absolutely normal, and it is hard sometimes, I came from Russia where I lived in a small apartment for the most part of my life! I had nothing! My mom would borrow money from me when I was in middle school! Yes, she asked me for my pocket money back! But it’s all better now! And you will marry someone who is loving and caring, and accepts you for who you are! Not all of us are born to be rich or famous, or privileged, but you make out of it what you make out of it!
    All of my clothes is thrifted, and all of my furniture is hand me downs! And I am happy and proud of it!

  9. I know the other blogger quite well and she does not have a new porch. That pic was taken at her Dad’s and it is his new porch.
    I have known her for many, many years and she is actually quite frugal!

  10. I don’t understand all of the diatribe. What is this attack on women for the situations they find themselves in which really aren’t that different from the people who are speaking most loudly against them? The person in question is a mother who has a couple of jobs, much like the people making the loudest complaints, and does everything she can to encourage people to shop local and support local arts groups, large and small, EXACTLY like the people making the largest complaints. If you would actually take the time to read the blog in question, it is about big sales, local vendors, and inexpensive beauty tips.

  11. You still took the time and many to carefully call out “undesirable” qualities in the other party before you turned the attention back upon yourself. In public. Where other people will read it.The shot was still made in a very open forum where you put someone else’s actions under a magnifying glass, despite your intentions.

  12. I try to be happy for people like that, but it’s hard. I get jealous myself and I hate it. I too have to budget for the store brand of some products. I’ve read a blog before while wondering, how does a teacher afford JCrew, Coach, Michael Kors, and other famous brands? I can’t believe it. Thanks for calling us all out on our feelings because you’re not the only one.

  13. Seems to me that your life is full of meaning and creativity. You inspire me so much more than any glossy tv-ladies could ever do. I wish you much success! As for the picture on refashionista: It is a fabulous photo taken for a very good cause, and therefore another reminder of your admirable focus on MEANING. And why do we sometimes feel like this? Because we are human. The fact that you even give this weakness any thought is what should make you hopeful:-) “This too shall pass!”

  14. To take a different angle, there have been some studies on what makes us happy. The rich person is not happier than the person with enough money to cover basic needs and having some left over for fun. If you cannot cover the basics that is a stressor that will decrease happiness. A great read is the book Stumbling on Happiness.

  15. I think the way you are feeling is a normal human reaction. You work hard for what you have, not only at your day job, but in your spare time as well -on not one, but two, blogs. Those of us who have walked in your shoes, and despite our hard work, have still had to consider a payday loan to buy food (hot dogs, at that!), understand how you’re feeling, as well as understand that it’s not an attack on another blogger as much as it is a sense of injustice for things that seem to come much more easily to other people. It helps to remember that things are not always what they seem. I know this reply is way late from your original post. Sorry. 🙂

  16. On one hand, I like seeing people defending the blogger whom you reference, because she’s nice and deserves it, but, it’s too bad they are missing the point of your post, which is that you are not criticising her, but yourself for having negative feelings towards her for her seemingly fabulous life. It’s normal to feel that way, and the way you handled it with yourself is awesome. I have to have this inner monologue with myself sometimes to make me appreciate what I have instead of envying what others have. Your inner monologue is public, but it serves a purpose, giving others a forum to commiserate and to connect.

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