Get the Red Carpet Experience @ the World Premiere of Cinema Purgatorio!

It’s not often that a red-carpet premiere happens right here in Columbia, and it’s certainly not often that someone on a low budget can attend a World Premiere.

CP POSTER - Med Res-2.jpg

But on June 1st, you have an opportunity to do just that. IT-oLogy will host the debut screening of CINEMA PURGATORIO— an indie comedy about a small-time filmmaking couple who sign up for a 48-hour film festival in Charleston hoping to meet actor Bill Murray.

The film was shot last summer for a mere $50,000 (something we here at Broke in Columbia can appreciate) and features two Columbia actors: Jeff Driggers of Palmetto Pictures and Alex Smith of The Marionette Theater.

Oh Hai, Alex.

If you’re looking for fun on the cheap, the movie premiere is all that and a bag of chips (…or maybe popcorn). It’s not just a film-screening; it’s a party.  Attendees will get a legitimate red-carpet experience, complete with an after-party at The Art Bar featuring live music by Mel Washington.

Best of all, tickets are about the same price as a drink and candy at your average AMC. Advance tickets are only $12, while tickets at the door are $15. The screening starts at 7:30, and the after party is only a short walk away once you’ve enjoyed the film.


It’s a Bands & Blowfish Kind of Weekend

By Trinessa Dubas
Hey Columbia!  Welcome back from all of your memorial festivities. Did you come back short on funds because of all the barbeque and beverages consumed?  Still full of energy looking for something reasonably priced around town to do?  Guess what…I got you! This week I want you to wind down in order to regroup. It’s a short work week so let’s make the most of it. This week’s medley of places or attractions -as always- is “Purse or Pocket” friendly.
Thursday night May 29th 5 points after 5 continues it’s FREE concert series. This series of concerts is family-friendly. Children can get their face painted and play in the chalk zone. This week music will be performed by Weaving The Fate.   Show starts at 6:30 and you get to dance around the fountain!
Friday May 30th East Coast Entertainment presents Band Bash at Jillian’s 800 Gervais St. 6pm. The bands featured are Finesse, Men of Distinction and Right to Party. It’s another FREE concert ya’ll!
The Columbia Blowfish will also be playing Friday night. (yes, this lady is a sports fan!) The theme for this game is the movie “Frozen”. Bring the kids in costumes and let them win prizes! The game is at capital city stadium. Gates open at 6pm. Tickets are $6 for adults and $5 for kids.
Listen, we all know that gas prices ain’t what they used to be, they seem to increase by pennies a day.  Columbia’s bus service The COMET is up and running and for the whole month of May every Saturday has been free. This will be the final sat in May , so leave your car at home and make your way downtown for FREE! The bus makes a stop at the garden entrance Riverbanks Zoo. for maps and schedules!
See, living here isn’t so bad!  You just gotta be in the know about what to do and where to go especially when your budget is leaning on the low low. I enjoy this little city. Every where I go I am met with friendly faces (Well, almost everywhere) and I’ve been entertained in some of the best of places. Broke in Columbia is written for you. Enjoy your days and save. If you happen to see me walking Main or Gervais and I have yet to speak, wave or shout hey gu-u-r-l!
Honey, I’ll see ya!

Barcade 2014

By Marques Moore

I can’t help but suspect that maybe this title has been used before…

Recently, I ran into a buddy from karaoke (a subject that I will touch on in the future—I have a few insights) and he brought up seeing me over at Delaney’s in 5 Points. It was a Sunday. He noted how he only ever sees me there on Sundays, and the fact that I’m writing this should tell you that I’m about to tell you why that is.

So…Do you now or have you ever liked video games?  How do you feel about professional wrestling?  Do you think one or both of these things are completely ridiculous?  Okay, on that last one I need to say that no matter what you may have been thinking that the answer is and will always be “yes.”

Seems Legit…

That said, I’m back this week to shill for another little venture that has started up recently here in the Soda City! The Tough Shit Tournament started about a year and a half ago at Art Bar. The concept was simple. Competitors would face off in games for a given console such as the Nintendo Entertainment System that were randomly selected from a list of titles geared towards a contest setting.  Some games would be well-known while others would be obscure to the point of never having been played by anyone in the room.

Seriously, what the F*CK is this!?


That’s actually where the name of the tournament came from initially.

“What happens if you don’t even know how to play the game you get?”

“Tough shit, I guess…”*

And thus a legend was born. There was a considerable hiatus last year, but TST has come back with a new format, a new focus, new rules, and at a new location. Some of these changes are of no consequence to newcomers, but there are a few things you certainly should know.

First and foremost, this event thrives on audience engagement and participation like any other (*glances at the last entry he wrote*–…noticing a theme here…?). Cheer! Boo! If you can think of a chant or two, not only are we not stopping you but encouraging your worst impulses…Wait, I didn’t mean to say that. No, no, I did.

The other things you need to know are about the competition itself. There is a cap of 16 entries for the sake of time (trust me on that one). The structure is an elimination round, the winner’s bracket, the loser’s bracket, the tournament final, a grudge match (potentially), and then the championship match as a wrap-up.

I’m sure at this point you’re wondering why I mentioned pro wrestling before. Well, the key aspects that form of entertainment are rooted in are the personas and performances on display. One of the goals of the Tough Shit Tournament is to create a facsimile of that through the theatrics and exaggerated trash-talk that is already fairly common in the community of gaming. The results I’ll allow to speak for themselves.

Oh, we have a championship belt…


The tournaments are held monthly at Delaney’s on the last Sunday of the month. So far, we have held contests for the Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, and Nintendo64—a first for the Tough Shit Tournament! This month, we turn back the clock and reintroduce the Atari 2600! There is no entry fee of any kind, and in fact, you can actually WIN money (of sorts) thanks to the tournament’s local sponsors Frankie’s Fun Park and Pixels and Pawns. Come and enjoy the festivities…or hijinks. You be the judge.

*–Paraphrasing, but that’s pretty much the exact exchange that occurred in the initial planning.

WHAT:  The Tough Shit Tournament

WHERE:  Delaney’s