Underwear Comedy Party TONIGHT!

Guest Post by Wayne Cousins

Some of the best comedians in the southeast are gearing up for Columbia’s first installment of the Underwear Comedy Party at Red Door Tavern this Friday, May 09, 2014!

The popular standup series was started by Joe Pettis at some point in the distant past, and he’s here with us tonight at Red Door to host the show and help release the hijinks that have made this series a standout in numerous other cities so far.

The idea is simple, a few local comedians (barring Joe Pettis and Devin Gollinge, both from the Atlanta area) dress down to their underoos and tell some jokes for as long as their egos will permit or until they get the signal to stop.  Constant cheering is encouraged.  This is the first show like this in Columbia, and I, Wayne Cousins, am happy and excited to say I’ll be taking part as well.

The show isn’t just for comedian eye-candy, though, because the audience can get in on the fun as well.  The price of admission is $5, but if you come in your own underwear, or someone else’s, you get in for free.  What a nice way to show solidarity and save money for more drinks, which should also make you feel even better about the whole underwear thing.  It’s a beautiful cycle.


The show features local beloved comics: Jenn Snyder, Kelley Freeman, Matt Davis, and Myself, along with the ATLiens listed above.  It’s sure to be a breezy good time.

Red Door Tavern is located at 134½ State St, West Columbia, 29169.  803-764-5196.  Yes, it’s across the bridge, but you youngsters shouldn’t worry, they also have pinball and free pool just in case fun, comedic people in their underwear isn’t a big enough draw.  And as always, there are wonderful drink and food specials.

Hope to see everybody there!

WHAT:  Underwear Comedy Party

WHEN:  TONIGHT. May 9th at 9pm

WHERE:  Red Door Tavern 134½ State St, West Columbia, 29169.  803-764-5196.


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