It’s a Bands & Blowfish Kind of Weekend

By Trinessa Dubas
Hey Columbia!  Welcome back from all of your memorial festivities. Did you come back short on funds because of all the barbeque and beverages consumed?  Still full of energy looking for something reasonably priced around town to do?  Guess what…I got you! This week I want you to wind down in order to regroup. It’s a short work week so let’s make the most of it. This week’s medley of places or attractions -as always- is “Purse or Pocket” friendly.
Thursday night May 29th 5 points after 5 continues it’s FREE concert series. This series of concerts is family-friendly. Children can get their face painted and play in the chalk zone. This week music will be performed by Weaving The Fate.   Show starts at 6:30 and you get to dance around the fountain!
Friday May 30th East Coast Entertainment presents Band Bash at Jillian’s 800 Gervais St. 6pm. The bands featured are Finesse, Men of Distinction and Right to Party. It’s another FREE concert ya’ll!
The Columbia Blowfish will also be playing Friday night. (yes, this lady is a sports fan!) The theme for this game is the movie “Frozen”. Bring the kids in costumes and let them win prizes! The game is at capital city stadium. Gates open at 6pm. Tickets are $6 for adults and $5 for kids.
Listen, we all know that gas prices ain’t what they used to be, they seem to increase by pennies a day.  Columbia’s bus service The COMET is up and running and for the whole month of May every Saturday has been free. This will be the final sat in May , so leave your car at home and make your way downtown for FREE! The bus makes a stop at the garden entrance Riverbanks Zoo. for maps and schedules!
See, living here isn’t so bad!  You just gotta be in the know about what to do and where to go especially when your budget is leaning on the low low. I enjoy this little city. Every where I go I am met with friendly faces (Well, almost everywhere) and I’ve been entertained in some of the best of places. Broke in Columbia is written for you. Enjoy your days and save. If you happen to see me walking Main or Gervais and I have yet to speak, wave or shout hey gu-u-r-l!
Honey, I’ll see ya!

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