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A Soulfully Sweet Week in Soda City

By Trinessa Dubas

Are you ready this week Columbia? Want to get out and explore, but have no ideas?  Memorial day coming up and your budget is, well, you know…tight?  Sugar, have no fear. Let me whisper a few budget friendly thoughts into your ear. The atmosphere in Columbia this week will be soulfully sweet and fantastically full of art with several events to ease your mind as you unwind. All while keeping your budget in check!  As I’ve gone about town some pretty good folks that I know have shared with me some of their upcoming performances and reminded me of a few I have yet to see (gasp).

 Wed May 21st plan to socialize and network with some of Columbia’s finest. This week Klean Kut Entertainment is hosting CUFFLINKS AND COCKTAILS at Sakitumi Grill and Sushi Bar. 807 Gervais St. Starting at 6p. Come out, network and get to know your future business associates. Won’t hurt to order a cocktail and mingle. This event is FREE


 Also Wed through Saturday (May 21st-24thof this week you still have time to catch the highly raved about performances from the wonderful casts of Young Frankenstein at Workshop theatre 1136 Bull St and Shrek the Musical at Town Theatre 1012 Sumter St. Both of these shows are highly entertaining and not to be missed. Tickets are $25, so hurry they are going fast!

 On Friday May 23rd let the self-taught sounds of The Dubber soothe your ears as you wind down your week. The Dubber , a great local talent will be performing a little bit of rock, jazz and funk at River Rat Brewery. 1231 Shop rd. The performance starts at 5p. It’s FREE


Keep Rocking Arts and Music Festival is happening this Saturday May 24th at Jakes on Devine, 2112 Devine St. There will be music and live art being created by one of my favorites Cedric Umoja. It’s family friendly and tickets are $10. You can’t beat that!


Finally, take it easy on Sunday May 25th and come out to hear the smooth sounds of Terence Young at Wet Willies on 800 Gervais St. This brother and his band are one of the best in Columbia. Terence is a local artist with national reach. His music is classic rhythm and blues. The show starts at 10p(I know that’s late for some folk) but you have memorial day off, so go out and enjoy. Tickets are $10. Sweet!


 Hell, yeah. This is a great week to be in Columbia!  Grab a friend and enjoy the warm days and cooler nights. I’m not going to let you have a reason to say “Columbia is boring” or “there ain’t nothing to do”. It doesn’t matter the side of town you live on. These are ideas of how to get to know your city and the artists or talents in it . And if you see me out doing what I do, Speak or Wave.

Honey, I’ll see ya!

Going Off the Sauce II: People who don’t drink make me nervous.

By Jillian Owens

“We could never be in a relationship.  You’re 14 years older than me, and the life expectancy for a man is already shorter than for a woman.  You’d pre-decease me,” I said, taking a long drag of my cigarette and looking the other direction…running nail-bitten fingers through my stiff spiky hair.

“Really, Jillian?  Given your lifestyle choices, I think I stand a fairly decent chance at outliving you,” was my wannabe suitor’s snarky response.

“You should drink,” I said after a sip of wine.  “I hate it when you just sit there and watch me drink.  People who don’t drink make me nervous.”

He just looked at me through heavily-lidded eyes over his cup of Earl Grey and said, “I don’t want to feel like shit tomorrow like you’re going to.”

This was met with an over-the-top eye roll.

This was years and years ago, but this conversation sticks out in my mind.  It captures an era in my life when the choices I was making were questionable at best, and terrifying at worst.  I smoked, partied, and drank heavily.  My diet consisted primarily of twizzlers and Diet Mountain Dew.  My coffee shop manager started automatically scheduling me as a closer, as he knew I’d be too hungover to function in the mornings.   I was bored, unmotivated, and volatile.

...but with cool hair.
…but with cool hair.

I’m still friends with this guy, which is surprising.  Very few of the friends I have now knew me then, and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have cared much for me.

Somehow I managed to get my shit together.  After having dropped out from USC, I went back and finished my degree.  I cut ties with the people and things that were aiding me in my path of self-sabotage.  I quit smoking and biting my nails.  I stopped drinking so much.  I got a job in the arts, became more involved in my community, and finally wasn’t a f*ckup anymore.

This background information is important, because to understand why I’m doing this, you need to understand where I’m coming from and what I don’t want to go back to.

When I told my friends about my two weeks off alcohol, they they thought I was being silly.

“Jillian, you don’t have a problem.  I just don’t get why you’re doing this,” is the general consensus.

I get where they’re coming from.  Right now I’m fine.  I don’t have a problem.  But I started noticing a pattern over the last year, when several emotionally-taxing things happened.   I started drinking to shut down and not feel things.  No, I didn’t binge-drink like I used to a decade ago, but the motivation behind what I was doing was the same as back then.

Those of you who are close to me know I’ve been through a lot in the last couple of years.  But they’ve also been the most successful years of my life, and I’m not willing to let that momentum die.   I’ve worked too hard.

The next couple of weeks are going to help me get back to where I was before last year.  I believe behavior guides emotion.  If I can deal with stress, anxiety, and generally negative stuff without a cocktail in my hand, I’ll know I’m okay.



$2 Tuesdays at Pizza Joint

By Camille Johnson

Hey Y’all! I’m new to the blog Broke In Columbia, but I’ve been broke in Columbia for a good long while. Since becoming a self-dependent (i.e. no one’s helping me pay for all the fun stuff now…WAH!) adult, I am constantly on the hunt for fun things to do (and if I’m being honest, most of the time this means eating or drinking) that don’t take up too much of my meager teacher’s salary.

One of the best ways to turn around a long school day is by heading to Pizza Joint on Tuesdays.  Pizza Joint (3246 Forest Drive) has $2 pints and slices every. single. Tuesday.  Tuesdays are normally pretty packed from 7pm onward, but if you get in before then, there’s hardly any wait. Even after 7, it generally only takes 15 minutes or so before getting seated. The pizza might take a little bit,  just because of the sheer number of people in the restaurant, but the pints come out quick!


Their specialty slices are the ones that are $2, and I have tried all of them, and they are all delicious. As in, so delicious that it normally takes everyone at the table 15 years* (actually seconds, but when you’re hungry it feels like years) to decide on what slices to get. There is a meat lover’s option, a vegetarian option, and everything in between. They are also extremely accommodating in taking off ingredients to make your slice exactly how you want it. These slices are HUGE, and about the size of two “normal” slices of pizza from other places, so one slice is typically enough (but let’s be serious, I’ve had two slices plenty of times, no judgment here!).

After choosing your slice, it’s time to choose your pint. There are typically between 16-25 beers to choose from, with everything from high-gravity beers to Woodchuck ciders. Certain beers (especially the high-gravity-can’t-believe-they-re-only-two-dollars-ones) run out quick, so it doesn’t hurt to get their early! The outdoor patio is awesome, especially for people watching, when the weather is nice, and the inside is has plenty of 6+ top tables in order for everyone from your work to be able to pack in at one table after a long day of work. The staff is super fast-moving but always friendly!


Need to unwind from an awful Tuesday (the worst day of the week in my opinion, it’s SO far from the weekend!) and celebrate that you’ve almost made it to Hump Day? Meet me at Pizza Joint. First round’s on me. (Don’t get too excited, I can only do that when your first round is only costing me $2!)