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Let’s Get Lowbrow at The Nick

by Marques Moore

Hi, guys! As I’m new to this blog, I’m sure there are plenty of things about me that many of you don’t quite know yet. That will certainly change over time, and I apologize in advance for my many offenses. But first and foremost, you need to know that I love movies and always have. That’s reason enough for me to do my first entry here on Broke in Columbia about a 7-month old development over at The Nickelodeon that won’t result in a paternity suit…as far as I know. So far…

I just wanna know how.

The First Friday Lowbrow Cinema Explosion started in October of last year, but the road to bringing a grindhouse vibe back to modern-day downtown Columbia started a little earlier than that.

“Andy Smith, the director at The Nick, had known me as someone with an obsession with cult, horror, and exploitation films,” says Christopher Bickel, the host of the First Friday screenings. “So he approached me about doing a curated series.” As a result, audiences have been treated to cult classics such as Rats:Night of Terror (1984), Black Christmas (1974), Ms. 45 (1981), Maniac (1980), Pink Flamingos (1972), and Blood Feast (1963) just to name a few.

Now, I know there’s a fairly decent chance that you’ve not heard of too many of the movies listed here, but I’m here to tell you that’s perfectly fine.  Not only are you often in good company in that respect, but you can rest assured that you are immediately among friends. According to Chris, “I think the idea was to do something similar to what had been done at The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin.”

That means that the overall goal is to create an experience and environment that brings a sense of community along with.

Yeah, I ended a sentence with a preposition, you smug prick! DON’T GIMME THAT LOOK!!

And as someone that has only missed one of the screenings to date, I can tell you that everyone thoroughly enjoys themselves every month…except that one guy that thought Black Christmas was serious business.

Okay, lemme explain! One of the best aspects to the showings is the audience itself. Nothing on-screen at these screenings are or will ever be sacred. After all, “lowbrow” is in the name of the event. So, not only do the viewers embrace the cheesiness on display but they revel in it and laugh with it. That’s not simply a part of the charm, but rather the whole point of showing these movies. If nothing else will convey this, the ending of Rats: Night of Terror definitely will.

Which will come as no surprise if you saw this image like I did…

Now, let us not forget why we are here. If you’re reading this blog, I’m guessing you’re a frugal individual. I’m not making any assumptions about why or how broke you really are, and I’m not judging. I write for this blog. I can’t!

What I’m here to do is introduce you to whatever means I know or think of that will grant you the chance to have as much fun as possible without breaking the bank. That’s why I’m telling you about First Fridays at The Nick! Not only is the ticket only $10, but the Facebook fan page offers opportunities to win free tickets from time to time. That’s a steal no matter how you slice it!

So, if you love the off-the-wall craziness of 80’s slashers like Sleepaway Camp, or if the possibly of seeing a movie titled Zombie Holocaust hits you in the right spot, then stay up late on a Friday night and stop by The Nickelodeon. This month, it’s Bloodsucking Freaks (1976).

I could tell you what’s in store for the crowd next month, but you should come out and find out for yourself. I highly encourage this course of action.

Hope to see you there!

WHAT:  Bloodsucking Freaks @ The First Friday Lowbrow Cinema Explosion

WHEN:  Friday, May 2

Where:  The Nick

HOW:  Buy tix here or at the door